Notice of Exhibit at Japan IT Week 2021 Digital Stacks

Digital Stacks, full-stack support for enterprise DX

CI/CD, monitoring, log analysis, incident management, and business automation tools

Digital Stacks (headquartered in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will be exhibiting at the Japan IT Week Autumn (October 27-29) at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, at the "System Operation Automation Expo." AI, which automates software lifecycle and value stream management; Harness & Drone.io, which automates CI/CD; Sumo Logic, which automates log collection and analysis of distributed systems; and PagerDuty, which automates incident response flow.

Just stop by our booth to learn about the new generation tools and platforms for automating software development, operations monitoring, fault handling, and various tasks. In addition, visitors will receive a free getting started guidebook and other materials for each product. We look forward to seeing you at the show.

Smartsheet: Enterprise Automation Platform Advancing Digitalization and Automation of Business Project Management

Smartsheet is a new generation internal project management tool that digitally connects everyone in a company. It allows you to easily manage many projects in various areas such as marketing, business, and IT operations while collaborating with internal teams. It is a digital business platform that accelerates corporate projects and innovations while conducting business, allowing you to automate your entire organization.

Rundeck: Automate routine system operation tasks as Runbooks

Rundeck is a Runbook automation tool that allows operators and responders to register routine system operations previously performed by scripts or cron as Runbooks for easy use. As a result, the time and cost of recovery can be greatly reduced, and the cost of training engineers can also be lowered and acquired by PagerDuty in September 2020 to ensure a common UX.

PagerDuty: Command center for automating operational monitoring and incident response flows

PagerDuty receives failure signals from system monitoring tools and automatically drives incident response workflows adapted to each failure. It selects responders who are available at that time from the workers (responders) pre-registered in the flow and ensures that they are notified of the incident and its status via SMS, email, and chat tools, repeatedly sending information if necessary. This eliminates the need to review manuals repeatedly for fault handling procedures and the risk of problems escalating due to miscommunication.

Harness & Drone.io: The engine for development engineers to fully automate the real-world deployment of code

The CI/CD/CE/C(x) automation platform of the future

Harness is a tool for building, packaging (artifact creation), automated testing, and code deployment for production, which is critical for agile development. You can accelerate generational change and rapidly evolve your software to meet your needs by continuously rotating development, verification, and deployment in a fast cycle.

The functionality from artifact creation to testing is based on the Drone.io project's Open Source Software (OSS) offering, which was acquired by Harness and continues to be available as OSS. It has been requested over 100 million times on the Docker Hub, has around 50,000 active users, and has over 250 contributors. We invite you to give it a try.

Sumo Logic: Automated Comprehensive Log Management

Sumo Logic automates log collection from each location with on-premise and multi-cloud support, and displays the results of correlation analysis of events and logs on a dashboard. It is widely used by domestic and international companies as the cornerstone of SIEM.

Digital.ai: Value Stream Management for the Digital Age

A platform for managing software lifecycles and costs. It integrates a series of development environments, including application security (formerly Arxan) and the overall DevOps management functions required for agile development.

■Exhibition Information

Japan IT Week Autumn (October 27-29, Makuhari Messe) is the largest IT exhibition in Japan. With 400 companies scheduled to exhibit, this year's event will again cover a wide range of IT fields, making it an essential show for exhibitors and visitors seeking to expand their businesses. Exhibitors' booths provide a "real business meeting place" where they can sell and receive orders for their products and services, consult on issues, and discuss quotations and implementation schedules.

Name: 12th Japan IT Week Autumn

Dates: October 27 (Wed.) to 29 (Fri.), 2021

Time: 10:00-17:00

Venue: Makuhari Messe

Organizer: RX Japan Ltd. (formerly Reed Exhibitions Japan)

Official HP: https://www.japan-it-autumn.jp/ja-jp.html

For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact Digital Stacks Corporation.